Romarzollo primary school


Nicolli designed, manufactured and installed the high technology façade and the doors and windows of the Romarzollo primary school, that contributed to achieving the LEED for Schools 2.0 certification, the first outside the United States.

The technology at the service of the environment that Nicolli conceived for the school is aimed at various levels including: lighting, thanks to the installation of brightness sensors with movement detectors inside the classes; ventilation, with the mechatronics for motorised opening windows, in combination with CO” sensors that order the automatic opening of windows as necessary; safety, with the large smoke-out opening panels in the large central hall (also operating in case of power cut); sound, with a reduction to 48 dB of the noise level, guaranteed by triple-glazed panels and the specific insulation of the profiles of the façades and the doors and windows; and lastly, appearance, for example in the covering of the prismatic skylights, the “glass-glass” façade edges, or the Ad-Hoc design of the fasteners for the anchoring of the façades and the curtains.