San Marco veterinary clinic


San Marco veterinary clinic is an ultramodern veterinary care center with a laboratory equiped with the most advanced instruments for research and treatment.
The level of excellence is also evident from the architecture of the building, cladded with special finish HPL panels and characterized by the presence of different overlapping volumes. The light/dark contrast of the cladding is joined to the brightness of the internal spaces obtained thanks to the high level performance facades, doors & windows. The natural light in the common areas is granted by the presence of wide windows. From stainless steel framed windows you can observe the activities in the internal pool.
In the meeting room, sunscreen and semi-blackout roller blinds allow to manage the supply of light through the glazed curtain wall.
In addition to the elevator, there is an internal steel, glass and wood staircase illuminated with LED lights that allows to reach the terrace, fenced with expanded metal.
The internal doors are provided with a different finishing depending on the use of the room. REI security doors and automatic entry doors complete the supply of Nicolli to this futuristic veterinary care clinic without competitors in Europe.

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