Nicolli tailor-made the building.

It is from our passion that the best results for the development of contemporary architecture are born.
Strengthened by an experience that has distant roots, we dedicate the energies in our group to research on materials, the development of technologies, details and teamwork.
We support designers through our skills, our commitment and our enthusiasm for a collaboration that goes from the project to the construction site and to the satisfaction of our customers.

Nicolli tailors the building with a mix of surprise and comfort where experience, human resources, technology and image contribute to best result.
We are people who work for the common goal of dressing architecture.




Nicolli deals with cladding in any architectural typology, be it industrial, commercial or residential, public or private.
The company is the bearer of experience aimed primarily at the world of industrial and commercial applications, as documented by the architectures built in Italy and abroad.
We combine sensitivity, technology, listening to the customer and focusing on details with research and experimentation.
The intervention specifications carried out in over sixty years of activity are mainly developed through an analysis of the project aimed at implementing the best solution to every technical and aesthetic problem. Thanks to the high quality level achieved, the company signs important works alongside established professionals in the sector for which it designs, produces and installs facade casings.

Our team of technicians, architects and engineers is at the service of designers and clients to offer expertise and professionalism at the highest levels of consultancy.
Strengthened by our experience in the techniques of processing materials, substructures and hooks and on installation, we integrate with the other operators on the construction site for a global vision of the project.
Today we dedicate a particular eye to mechatronics and home automation that simplify the functionality of the windows while preserving their thermo-acoustic performance.

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  • It designs, builds and installs all types of curtain walls, high-insulation and bomb-proof aluminum windows, technical cladding for buildings and integrated energy-saving lighting systems.
  • It designs and manufactures metal carpentry, stairs, architectural and interior accessories.
  • It designs enclosures with composite materials, glass, terracotta, Corian®, expanded, perforated and folded mesh, Alucobond and zinc-titanium.
  • It specializes in the redevelopment of old buildings.

NICOLLI is the ideal partner of every designer to dress architecture.


We engineer your projects by working high quality materials and specialized gammists.
In addition to normal mullion and transom or structural facades, Nicolli specializes in point-fixed facades and in the technical and architectural development of pyramids and glass domes.
Other specialties are the bomb-proof facades and the luminous ones in which the low consumption lighting engineering study is accompanied by a spectacular aesthetic.
In architectural coatings we work with aluminum, iron, steel and glass, but we also use alternative materials such as zinc-titanium, Corian, Alucobond, natural stones, composite panels and perforated and expanded metal sheets, with the possibility to create drawings and writings on the facades or to texturize the sheets in 3D.
Nicolli has been working in the window and door sector for over 60 years, thus having acquired great experience both in collaboration with partners such as Schüco, Fischer and Du Pont and in the application of high-tech windows, now more than ever dedicated to sustainable habitat and energy saving.