FFI Global

FFI Global


The FFI Global project consisted in adding double-skin façade on a pre-existing concrete structure.
The internal façade is structural, divided into 52 fixed glass panels.
The external point-fixed suspended façade was installed using steel tensioning rods, large spiders (500 mm) and bespoke accessories, supporting both the heavy glazing and the maintenance and cleaning grid walkways. The complex design of an integrated system of tubular beams, brackets and tie rods brings stability to the whole shell.

Other works included a continuous polygonal structural façade with doors and windows of a contrasting colour and an insulated roof truss skylight with 18 glass panels based on a Schüco façade system, with a bespoke carefully designed bracket and tie rod system for the containment of any horizontal thrusts and the control of the pre-existing metal beam structure on which it leans.

Structural calculations: thank you to Manfroni Engineering Workshop