Busa Group


The intelligent redevelopment of the headquarters of the Busa Group was based on custom-designed sun louvers and colour contrast.
The activities consisted in the renovation of a building dating back from the seventies, carried out whilst ensuring the operational continuity of the business.
The fixed aluminium sunshades protect the front of the building, giving life to a distinctive play of light and dark with the façade behind. With their modulation of light and shade, they also become a functional element for the control of sunlight during the different seasons of the year.
Elegant clear glass balustrades finish the building and enhance the raised entrance.
The project pursues a dualism of elements that can be noted throughout the whole structure: in the balance between the lightness of the metal components and the concrete mass, and in the relationship between interior and exterior that is no longer direct, but filtered by intermediate spaces.
A glazed canopy on the side front completes this restyling that has brought the image of the company up to date.