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The UNI 7697:2014 standard regulates the safety of glass in doors, windows and façades, making the selection of the type of glass easier depending on the application (doors and windows, façades, skylights, cantilever roofs, parapets, floors, etc.).
One of the most important innovations is the requirement that the internal sheets of double-glazed panels of windows and doors installed at heights of more than 100 cm from the walking surface are safe.

The standard identifies and lists the protection criteria according to which the glass to be used in internal or external windows and doors must be selected, based on the minimum safety requirements:

• Protection against the risk of injury in case of accidental impact
• Protection against falling objects on glass coverings
• Protection against the risk of people falling
• Protection against vandalism and burglary: first level
• Enhanced protection against vandalism and burglary
• Protection from ballistic rifle bullets
• Protection from shoulder or fist fire arm bullets

Different types of glass are also classified, each with different characteristics and regulated by other UNI standards:

• Fireproof or fire resistant glass
• Tempered safety glass
• Laminated safety glass
• Accident prevention laminated glass
• Burglar and vandalism protection glasses
• Bulletproof glass
• Acoustic safety glass
• Non-slip glass

(Source: Assovetro)

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